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Visteon Content Contributes to Award-Winning New Ford Transit

BASILDON, England, November 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The advanced design expertise and capabilities of Visteon Corporation(NYSE: VC) in interiors, climate and electronics can be seen in the new FordTransit - voted International Van of Year 2007.

Visteon's contribution to Europe's leading commercial vehicle totals morethan 100 end items, and is the result of close co-development with Forddesign engineers. The interior of the new Ford Transit, which has seensignificant change with new innovative and unique stowage features, includesVisteon's new instrument panel.

"Visteon content on the new Ford Transit was developed to support Ford'saim of keeping its commercial vehicle as the leader in its class," said AndyGill, Vice President and General Manager Ford/PAG Europe Customer BusinessGroup. "Our engineers had to ensure we improved comfort, driving quality,styling and increased stowage for the new-look of the Ford Transit. Visteonis pleased to have played a part in its contribution to Europe's best-sellingvan."

Interiors and climate expertise

The new Transit reflects the same quality and function as contemporarypassenger cars - Visteon's interior expertise contributes greatly to thatresult. Visteon's instrument panel manufactured in the UK, has a greaterstowage capacity through Visteon's innovative use of storage space, which nowincludes bottle/ flask holders and a glove box that can be used to store A4hanging files - a mobile office philosophy.

The heater and HVAC units, for front and rear, plus controls aremanufactured in France. Other climate control components include airconditioning fluid transport lines, cooling modules and intercoolers,manufactured in the Czech Republic; compressors in Hungary; as well ascondenser and radiators produced in the UK.

Commercial electronics innovation

The new Ford Transit is the first application for Visteon's newrechargeable Remote Keyless Entry system, which is manufactured in Spain. Thewaterproof key, coupled with the rechargeable functionality, ensuresmulti-drop delivery drivers using the key up to 100 times a day, have no flatbatteries.

Rear lamps, rear centre high mounted stop lamp and turn indicators,manufactured in the Czech Republic, highlight Visteon's lightingcapabilities, while three levels of in-car entertainment are provided byVisteon's audio systems, available in radio only, single CD and 6-CDversions. The system is manufactured in Portugal.

Other Visteon content includes powertrain and chassis components, whichare sourced from various Visteon facilities across Europe and the U.S.Visteon powertrain content covers the powertrain control module (diesel andgasoline), intake manifold (diesel), electronic throttle body (gasoline),ignition coil on plug (gasoline), carbon canister and engine temperaturesensors. Chassis components include front wheel drive halfshafts anddifferentials and disc brakes.


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Visteon Content Contributes to Award-Winning New Ford Transit
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